Motisons Jewellers IPO GMP Grey Market Premium & Subscription Status Today

Motisons Jewellers IPO, which began on 18 December 2023 and is set to close on 20 December 2023 with the company listing its shares on the BSE and NSE. Motisons Jewellers IPO GMP (Grey Market Premium), which is an unofficial indicator of how the shares might perform when they are officially listed.

In terms of the financial specifics, the face value of each share is pegged at ₹10. The company has set a price band ranging from ₹52 to ₹55 per share. One of the notable aspects of this IPO is its lot size, which has been fixed at 250 shares.

The total issue size of the IPO is an impressive 27,471,000 shares, aggregating to approximately ₹151.09 Crore. The IPO is a book-built issue, The entire issue is fresh, meaning the company is offering new shares to the public and the scheduled listing date is set for Tuesday, 26 December 2023.

Motisons Jewellers IPO GMP Today

By tracking the daily changes in the Motisons Jewellers IPO GMP (grey market premium) since the IPO was announced, we get a clear picture of how much interest and excitement there is around this event. Let’s analyze these trends and explain what they mean for Motisons Jewellers and its potential investors.

GMP DateGMPSub2 Sauda Rate
18-12-2023 ₹120  22800/342000
17-12-2023₹106 20100/301500
16-12-2023₹106  20100/301500
15-12-2023₹105  20000/300000
14-12-2023₹100 19000/285000
13-12-2023₹100  19000/285000
12-12-2023₹60  11400/171000

As of today, 18 December 2023, the Motisons Jewellers IPO GMP Today stands at ₹120, marking a substantial increase from the previous days. This rise in GMP suggests a bullish outlook among investors for the company’s stock market debut.

To provide a detailed overview, the IPO price of Motisons Jewellers has been consistent at ₹55.00 per share. However, the GMP, which is an unofficial and indicative price trend before the stock lists on the exchanges, has seen remarkable growth since its initial days. On December 12, 2023, the GMP was ₹60, showing a modest start.

However, over the week, there has been a steady upward movement, reaching ₹100 on December 13 and maintaining this level until December 15. On December 16 and 17, the GMP further increased to ₹106, indicating growing investor confidence.

Today’s GMP of ₹120 reflects an increase of ₹14 from yesterday, demonstrating an optimistic market outlook for the IPO. The ‘Sub2 Sauda Rate,’ which is another market indicator reflecting the rate for deals settled for two days prior to the listing, stands at 22800/342000. This rate also suggests a strong interest in the IPO.

The estimated listing price for the Motisons Jewellers shares, based on the current GMP, is ₹175. This price represents an impressive 218.18% increase over the IPO price. Such a high expected listing price is indicative of the market’s high expectations from the IPO and confidence in the company’s growth prospects.

The upward trajectory of the GMP over the past few days paints a promising picture for Motisons Jewellers. Starting from a GMP of ₹0 in early December, where there was no change observed for several days, the consistent and significant rise in the GMP as the IPO date approached underscores the increasing enthusiasm among investors.

Motisons Jewellers IPO Subscription Status

IPOMotisons Jewellers
IPO Open18 December 2023
IPO Close20 December 2023
Lot Size250 Shares
IPO Price₹52 to ₹55 per share
Listing Date26 December 2023

The IPO Subscription Status provides information about how many times the offered shares have been subscribed by investors.

Investor CategorySubscription (times)
Anchor Investors1
Qualified Institutions0.01
Non-Institutional Buyers6.44
  bNII (bids above ₹10L)3.29
  sNII (bids below ₹10L)12.73
Retail Investors10.93
Total **6.85

You can pre-apply for the Motisons Jewellers IPO on Upstox. which means the pre-apply open date, usually begins a day before the IPO opens for the subscription.

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it’s important to note that GMP is not an official measure and often varies. It provides an early indicator of potential demand but does not guarantee the actual listing price. The GMP prices shown here are only news related to the grey market. We do not trade/deal in the grey market or subject to rates (sub2), nor do we recommend trading in the grey market

Disclaimer: The views and recommendations made above are those of individual analysts or broking companies, and not of Sharedhan. We advise investors to check with certified experts before making any investment decisions.

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