Aim of Website

The primary aim of the Sharedhan website is to serve as a comprehensive resource for individuals looking to navigate and profit from the stock market.

As suggested by its name, which combines the English word “share” (relating to stocks or equity) and the Hindi word “dhan” (meaning wealth), Sharedhan’s mission is to help users build their wealth through informed investment in the stock market.

To achieve this, Sharedhan provides a wide array of valuable information and tools tailored for both novice and experienced investors. The website features detailed stock market analyses, up-to-date IPO information, and thorough research reports from brokers.

Additionally, it offers the latest news and updates on the stock market, ensuring that users stay informed about significant developments.

Furthermore, Sharedhan provides expert recommendations on whether to buy, sell, or hold specific stocks, accompanied by lists of top-performing stocks and those that merit watching. It also explains the reasons behind stock price movements, whether rising or falling, and offers predictions on share price targets and forecasts.

This extensive range of services and insights aims to empower users to make educated investment decisions, ultimately guiding them towards creating and enhancing their share market wealth.